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Location of Job: Peachtree City
When: Sep 1, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Toilet Seal Replacement
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Brief Explanation

This was a residential plumbing project in Peachtree City! We also do a number of other handyman services such as the one we posted a few days ago of a wall outlet installation!

We got a call from our customer because she saw that her ceiling was leaking. After getting into the ceiling, we discovered a leak around the seal of the toilet.

This job was unique in that we had to actually diagnose the issue at hand. After finding out the core of the problem, we set about to quickly remedy the situation. We began by removing the toilet and the old seal and replacing it with a new seal. Finally, we reattached the old toilet. This job took only about an hour in total!

Our customer was very satisfied. She said there has been no further issues and now wants us to work on her bathtub.

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Peachtree City , GA
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"My experience with The Peachtree City Handyman was really good. He came by and he took down my chandelier and replaced it with a better light. The chandelier was hanging down too low (people kept hitting their heads on it). The end product was really… ~ Jocelyn - Peachtree City Georgia

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