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Location of Job: Senoia, GA
When: Sep 8, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Wall Outlet Installation
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Brief Explanation

If you thought we only service Peachtree City, you're mistaken! We also service come customers in Senoia. This electrical job took place about a week ago. It only took us about two hours to finish, and our customer was very pleased! We also service surrrounding areas, such as Sharpsburg! Check out Sharpsburg handyman repairs we have done.

The customer had simply a bare and exposed wire that led into an old dishwasher. I installed a wall mounting outlet which makes the spot look better and is much safer.

The homeowner was so happy with our work! She left a testimonial, so you can read how pleased she was below. If you can think of projects in your own home that aren't getting done, give us a call!

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Senoia Georgia

Date: Aug 30, 2016
Ron did an awesome job from start to finish. Nice, professional, friendly service. Excellent work. Great communication. So happy we have Peachtree City Handyman available for the big and small jobs that need completed quickly with superior workmanship. Will be using for all my handyman jobs and recommending to my friends. Thank you so much Ron.

"Excellent Work. Great Communication."

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Peachtree City , GA
Client Testimonial
"My experience with The Peachtree City Handyman was really good. He came by and he took down my chandelier and replaced it with a better light. The chandelier was hanging down too low (people kept hitting their heads on it). The end product was really… ~ Jocelyn - Peachtree City Georgia